What’s in a Zone?

What’s in a Zone?

What’s in a Zone?  A landscape Zone that is …  Understanding what zoning when it comes to choosing plants or trees for your landscaping can be key. The USDA divided North America into areas, or zones, where specific plants would most likely thrive. The idea was to help gardeners compare the climate of their garden with climates where a plant grows well.  The map is based on the average minimum temperature, divided into 10°F zones. Hardiness zones are particularly informative about the extremes of winter cold.   We (Northern Illinois) are in Zone 5.

Other things to consider.

Planting based on the USDA’s hardiness map isn’t enough for a thriving garden. You must also think about things like having the right amount of sunlight or shade for a certain plant to grow, maintaining the moisture level of soil without overwatering it, giving it the right nutrients, and pruning when necessary.

If you want your plantings to flourish every year, they must be able to tolerate year-round conditions in your area, whether they’re high or low temperatures.

Working with a professional landscaper can be helpful when devising a plan that meets your needs for your home or business landscape.


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How To Find And Hire The Right Landscaper

How To Find And Hire The Right Landscaper

The outside of your home is just as important as the interior. Not only is your outdoor area a relaxing place to spend time with family and friends, a well landscaped yard can also boost the resale value of your home. To have the yard you’ve always dreamed of, it’s important that you find the right landscaping professional like Aztech Landscaping. Give us a call at 815-786-7647 to schedule appointment to discuss your landscaping needs. 

Landscaping Services:

Landscapers provide a wide range of services, including general garden maintenance, spring and fall yard clean up, and help designing a new flower garden. The cost will vary depending on the size and scope of the job.

Types of Landscaping Professionals:

Many landscapers focus on a service and specialty. Based on the scope of your project, here’s a breakdown of the different types of landscape professionals:

Residential contractors:

You can hire a residential landscaper on short notice for small yard projects such as lawn care and garden maintenance.

Commercial landscapers:

With higher rates than a residential contractor, a commercial landscaper can help with larger yard projects. They have both the expertise and equipment to tackle those landscaping jobs that require more extensive planning and design.

Landscape architect:

Architects have been trained in design, land grading and drainage, and engineering. With an hourly rate of up to $150 per hour, landscape architects can help you plan your entire residential yard design.

Landscape designer

A designer will help you decide on the best plant choices to bring balance and beauty to your yard. Charging an hourly rate up to $150 per hour, landscape designers have the expertise to plan the layout and design of your garden and make the most of your outdoor space.

Tips to Find the Right Landscaping Contractor

Once you’ve decided to hire a landscaper, finding the right one for the job takes a bit of research.

Start by asking these questions:

  1. What landscaping services do you provide?
  2. Are you insured and licensed?
  3. Are you able to handle the scope of the project?
  4. Can you provide me with a written estimate of the cost and expected duration to complete the job?
  5. Will you do the entire job yourself or hire other contractors?
  6. Do you have any ideas and recommendations?
  7. Can I save money with a maintenance package and bundling services?

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