Care & Maintenance for Sod 

Preparing the soil for sod: 

Proper soil preparation is important to the establishment of your sod.  ideally, the soil should be tilled to a depth of about six (6) inches and then raked out to level any high or low spots.  The tilled up area should be then be lightly rolled with a lawn roller to firm up the soil so it won’t settle after watering the sod.  Of course, many people lay sod with little or no preparation and often have no problems. It depends on your site conditions. 

Fertilizing your new lawn:

Before installing your sod it is important to make sure there are enough nutrients in the soil to ensure the establishment of the sod.  AFter preparing the soil, it is a good idea to put down a well balanced fertilizer (a 12-12-12 formulation is a good choice).  It should be applied at the rate of 10-15 lbs. per 1,000 sq.ft. of area.  This should be applied to the soil before installing the sod.  Then as you water the sod, the roots will come into contact with the fertilizer.  After the initial fertilization, we recommend fertilizing your lawn 3 times per year with the following formulations or something close to them. 

Apply according to the label directions: 

  1. Mid to late April (27-3-3-) 
  2. Early to mid September (27-3-3) 
  3. Late October – early November (20-10-10) 

Installing the sod:

Your sod will probably be delivered on pallets and spotted near the area you are sodding.  It is important to install the sod as soon as possible after you receive it.  During hot weather, (90 degrees or above) the sod must be installed within 24 hours or it may spoil.  There are 60 rolls or 600 square feet on a full pallet.  Pick an area to start that has a good straight edge such as a sidewalk or lot line that has a string stretched from one end to the other.  Lay two or three rolls of sod along the straight edge. then go back to the start and lay another roll along side the first roll you put down.  Cut this roll in half and follow this 1/2 roll with a full one.  Continue this “brickwork” or stair step pattern for the whole job. 

Doing it this way is faster and keeps the seams from lining up which looks nicer.  If you are laying sod on a steep slope, the sod my have to be staked with wooden stakes.  For trimming use a sharp stiff bladed knife, such as a linoleum knife.  When you finish an area, walk over it and look for small holes or seams that are wider than they should be.  These can be patched with small pieces of sod from your trimmings. 

Mowing your new yard:

About two weeks after installation, your new lawn may need mowing.  It is important to let your lawn dry out for a day or two so it firms up a little bit before going over it with a heavy machine.  Make sure that the mowing height is set at about 3″.  Letting your lawn grow a little longer is good for the grass because it encourages a strong root system.  Never mow shorter than 2″ and never remove more than 1/3 of the grass leaf at any one mowing. Using a mulching mower is a good idea.  It returns the clippings to the lawn so they can decompose and provide added nutrients. 






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