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The Benefits of Fertilizing Your Lawn

There’s one simple secret to making the most of your lawn without a lot of hassle: regular feedings. Nourishing your lawn four times a year can turn a so-so lawn into a kick-off-your-shoes lawn the whole family can enjoy.

Regular Feedings Are Key

Like your teeth or your health, it’s easier to keep your lawn at its best with an ounce of prevention. We recommend feeding your lawn to keep it looking nice and worry-free four times per year; early spring, June, August, and late September / October.

#1 Barefootable grass

Backyards and barbecues. Trampolines and kids. Neighbors and friends. They’re everything thick, green lawns were made for. Regular feedings provide the nutrients your lawn needs to look its best and withstand the stresses of weeds, heat, drought and family activity.

#2 Worry-Free Lawn

Regular feedings are the fastest, most affordable way to care for your lawn, keeping problems out of your yard and off your mind. Feeding your lawn gives grass plants the nutrients they need for deep roots and strong, full blades. That’s all it takes to grow stronger, greener grass that can crowd out weeds and stand up to heat, sun, stress and play.

#3 A Breath of Fresh Air

Grass is living, breathing nature right outside your door. And like all living plants, it needs food and water. While you and Mother Nature can easily take care of the watering, grass plants simply cannot thrive without proper nutrients. That’s where regular feedings come in.


Since 1998, Aztech Landscaping has been a trusted partner of homeowners and businesses in Northern Illinois. We provide cost-effective residential and commercial landscaping solutions.  With our complete services, our landscaping professionals will ensure that your hardscape and landscaping stays looking its best.


We are licensed and bonded and maintain general liability and workman’s compensation insurance.  We are also listed at Lake Holiday under contractor services.  


We provide the perfect combination creativity and professionalism to master the outdoor setup that customers envision. We happily work side by side with clients to learn exactly what they are looking for. While also adding our professional expertise we are able to make a successful project each and every time.


Aztech Landscaping’s main office is in Sandwich, IL  with a typical service area of 30 miles from the office. Click here to see areas included but are not limited to. 

Did You Know ?

  • Professional landscaping can add up to 15% to the value of your home
  • A well placed shade or evergreen tree will provide shade in summer and protection from cold winter winds, thus effectively cutting your energy costs.
  • Winter is a season too!  Use evergreens to provide color and substance, then add deciduous plants with interesting bark or colorful berries to liven up the landscape through the snowy months. The berries will also attract birds into your yard.

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