Proper Watering for New Sod

watering sod
      1. Very important to remember, after sod has been cut it should be installed with 24 – 36 hours maximum.  In warm weather sold left rolled up on the pallet will overheat and start to die.  Install sod A.S.A.P. 
      2. Watering must be started immediately after the sod is installed.  Ideally, watering should begin as soon as an area large enough to put down a sprinkler is ready.  This way you can get started watering while the rest of the sod is being installed. 
      3. It is essential that enough water is put down the first time to thoroughly soak the sod and the soil under the sod.  You can check the moisture content by lifting up a flap of the sod and sticking your finger into the soil.  It should be moist several inches deep, by giving the sod a heavy first watering .  you will rid the sodded area of air pockets which dry out the sod. 
      4. Pay special attention to the corners and edges of newly sodded areas, they tend to dry out sooner and they are hard to water properly.  You may have to hand water these areas. 
      5. If a newly sodded area accidentally does dry out it will probably turn brown.  It is not dead, and will green up in about two weeks with proper water application. 
      6. After the first watering, water enough to keep the soil under the sod moist, not muddy.  In cool weather this may mean watering only every 3-4 days. In very hot weather, you may have to water daily.  Do not allow the sod or soil underneath to dry out between waterings. 
      7. In about two weeks the sod should have begun to knit to the soil underneath and the watering can be lessened to once or twice per week depending on the weather conditions.  Water anytime the sod has a dry pale blue color or if the grass does not spring back after walking on it. 
      8. It is important to know that frequent shallow waterings are not good for your lawn.  They cause the root system to grow near the surface.  Water less often but water deeply.  Over time the roots will follow the water down into the soil and you will have lush healthy turf. 



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