Care After Planting Trees & Shrubs

Irrigation and watering 

  • It is very important for your new plantings to be watered regularly.  However, the type of soil and the weather conditions should determine how frequently and how much you water 
  • Never water automatically without first checking the soil to determine if watering is needed.  To do this, test the moisture of your soil about 4-8 inches deep.  If you find it is dry or only slightly damp, the plant should be watered.  Sandy soils generally will need to be watered more frequently than clay soils, but always check before automatically watering the plant. 
  • Since roots grow where oxygen and water are most available, short and frequent waterings will result in the development of a shallow root system.  Watering deeply, thoroughly and only as needed will encourage a deep and healthy root system that will be able to withstand environmental stresses. 
  • Heavy watering of lawns next to newly planted trees and shrubs can be detrimental to those trees and shrubs. 


  • The use of mulch around your new plant will benefit it in many ways.  A layer of several inches of a mulching material such as wood chips will help retain soil moisture and help to prevent wide fluctuations in soil temperatures throughout the year.  It will also inhibit the growth of weeds in the area and by eliminating the grass close to the plant, it also reduces the risk of mechanical injury to the plant by weed whips and mowers.
  • If you wish to use a weed barrier beneath the mulch, use a porous landscape fabric that allows for the passage of gases and liquids.  Plastic does not allow for this movement and can result in the suffocation of the plant’s root system. 
  • Taper mulch away from the stem.  Do not pile mulch against the stem. 


  • Once your plant becomes established, it may benefit from being fertilized every few years.  Spring is generally the time of year when plants have their greatest flush of growth and therefore their greatest need for nutrients.  to ensure that nutrients are available when this growth begins, fertilizer can be applied in fall after the plant has dropped its leaves or in spring before the plant begins to break from dormancy. 
  • Unless the plant is suffering from a diagnosed nutrient deficiency, never apply nitrogen in later summer.  This will promote new growth that will be particularly susceptible to winter damage and will cause the plant to not harden for winter as it normally would.  The application of phosphorus and potassium, on the other hand, will help the plant to prepare for winter and can be applied in the fall to help the plant acclimate. 




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Did You Know ?

  • Professional landscaping can add up to 15% to the value of your home
  • A well placed shade or evergreen tree will provide shade in summer and protection from cold winter winds, thus effectively cutting your energy costs. 
  • Winter is a season too!  Use evergreens to provide color and substance, then add deciduous plants with interesting bark or colorful berries to liven up the landscape through the snowy months. The berries will also attract birds into your yard. 

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