Care After Planting Trees & Shrubs


  • Property pruning at the time of planting and as maintenance throughout the years is very important.  It should be done to enhance the health and natural form of the plant rather than to try and alter it.  At planting time, work to help your plant develop strong branching by pruning away any limbs that appear to be damaged or are crossing or rubbing with others. 
  • Never make a cut that is flush with the surface or leave a stub when pruning your plant.  Cuts should be made so that the branch collar is left intact bu not stub is left behind.  If improperly pruned, the cut will invite disease and insects to the plant and prevent its natural defense system from functioning properly. 
  • Maintenance pruning is needed to help maintain the health of aging plants.  Generally it should be done in late winter or ery early spring when the plant is dormant.  However, there are exceptions.  Plants like lilacs that flower early in the year on old growth, for example, should be pruned immediately after flowering.  Pruning later in the season will remove what would have produced flowers the following year. 
  • Other plants may benefit from specific types of pruning such as heading back or thinning out to aid renewal.  While some types of evergreens may be pruned throughout the growing season, others should be pruned during their flush of growth in spring. 



  • Under normal circumstances, newly planted trees will grow better if they are not staked.  In fact, allowing the trunk to move freely is essential to the development of a strong tree. 
  • Staking of trees is normally required only for unusual instability such as cases where a tree has been pushed over by high winds. 
  • If staking is needed for some reason, it should be done so as to allow movement by the tree and the wires should be covered in some manner to prevent damage to the trunk.  If the wire is unprotected or too tight, it will girdle the tree, effectively severing its circulatory system and resulting in death. 
  • In any case, the stakes and ties should always be removed as soon as the tree becomes established – normally one season of growth. 



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Did You Know ?

  • Professional landscaping can add up to 15% to the value of your home
  • A well placed shade or evergreen tree will provide shade in summer and protection from cold winter winds, thus effectively cutting your energy costs. 
  • Winter is a season too!  Use evergreens to provide color and substance, then add deciduous plants with interesting bark or colorful berries to liven up the landscape through the snowy months. The berries will also attract birds into your yard. 

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