Shrubs & Bushes Winter Care 

Give your plants proper care throughout the growing season.  A strong, healthy plant should have a little difficulty withstanding the rigors of winters.

  • Do not water heavily or fertilize with nitrogen in early fall or the plant’s dormancy will be delayed.  Instead, decrease watering in early fall to hel signal plants to begin their winter acclimation.  Then increase it in late fall to provide plants with the water they need to withstand winter winds. Always water plants thoroughly just prior to the soil freeing in late fall.
  • To help protect against sunscald on your trees or this barked species, us a commercial tree wrap in fall to wrap from the base of the tree up to the first major branch.  Using a porous wrap will protect the tree while still allowing the passage of gases and liquid through the material.  Always remove the wrap in spring.  Never leave it on through the growing season or you will put the tree at risk of disease.  Thin-barked trees such as Maples, fruit trees and honeylocusts may require wrapping for several winters to prevent the occurrence of sunscald.
  • Browning or winter burn of evergreens is another common winter problem.  Water evergreens very thoroughly throughout the growing season, lightly in early fall and then thoroughly before the soil freezes.  Anti-desiccant sprays may help somewhat in preventing water loss from evergreens, but it is more effective to use burlap or a similar material to screen the plant from the wind and rain. deer by tree
  • Animals can also do a great deal of damage to plants as winter snows force them to turn to the landscape for new food sources.  There are a number of commercial repellents that may help to control damage by pests, but the severity of the winter and the availability of another source of food will often determine their effectiveness. Installing hardware cloth or other fencing around the plant, anchored firmly in the soil and extending well above snow level, may be the most successful





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Did You Know ?

  • Professional landscaping can add up to 15% to the value of your home
  • A well placed shade or evergreen tree will provide shade in summer and protection from cold winter winds, thus effectively cutting your energy costs. 
  • Winter is a season too!  Use evergreens to provide color and substance, then add deciduous plants with interesting bark or colorful berries to liven up the landscape through the snowy months. The berries will also attract birds into your yard. 

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