Fall is officially here!

The weather is cooler, leaves are starting to fall, beautiful shades of red and orange are taking over. There are many benefits of a fall clean up. It’s the perfect time to benefit from a fall clean up, and prepare your landscape. 

Fall clean ups are very helpful in maintaining and keeping a healthy landscape. One of the most tedious tasks of clean ups is the leaf and pine needle removal. Removing leaves that have fallen from trees is recommended because lots of diseases and insects grow throughout the debris which can infect your landscaping in the long run. After the leaf removal, pruning your perennials, shrubs, and trees is the next step to your clean up.

Whether you are trimming for health and stability or appearance pruning prompts new growth in the spring. Many shrubs and trees can only be pruned in the fall. Many shrubs bloom on new growth so it is very important to trim your plants in the fall. Grasses and perennials can be cut back a few inches above the ground, can provide insulation to the roots in the winter and create a clear space in the spring for new growth. 

Without the summer warmth you need to prepare your planting beds for the harsh winter weather by installing a layer of mulch. It can insulate the plant’s roots, retaining moisture and heat providing a winter cover. The mulch retains moisture and heat allowing for the microbes in the soil to live longer throughout the winter improving the soil conditions. As the mulch breaks down it releases many minerals and nitrogen that enrich the area providing healthier blooms in the spring. In the spring as you see everything start to turn green and beautiful you’ll be glad that all your hard work in the fall paid off!


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